The UNLIMITED public pavilion is open to all artists wanting to participate in The Wrong.
Homeostasis Lab is a digital environment, established as a democratic data pool of art. We aim to create a catalyst digital art platform, debating the hybridity of cultures and different possible æsthetic languages explored over the development of the contemporary artistic processes of our time.

Homeostasis (from Greek: ὅμοιος, "hómoios", "similar", and στάσις, stásis, "standing still") is the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, relatively constant condition of properties. (...) Although the term was originally used to refer to processes within living organisms, it is frequently applied to automatic control systems such as thermostats.


The Lab is a constant and timeless “work in progress” and runs through a collaborative open-system of artists, art thinkers, museums and institutions from different places all over the world. Connected together, the immaterial consciousness helps the system to act as a repository designed for sharing the digital artistic production.

Exploring the aspect of data accumulation, we aim to create a multi-cultural aesthetic experience, only possible through digital media. The aesthetic environment is regulated naturally over a feedback system that depends on receiving constant input from organic/human artistic production, where information is always being exchanged through its constituent elements, reaching a constantly changeable equilibrium. This way the Lab works as a thermometer, a self-regulatory media

Homeostasis Lab was founded in Sao Paulo in the context of The Wrong Digital Art Biennale being a pavilion that receives unlimited submissions from around the world.

Homeostasis Lab is a fertile ground for art and aims to be the biggest digital art exhibition ever. All artists, curators and programmers are invited to submit and collaborate.

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All works to be submitted must be "internet-friendly" and belong to any digital art modality, from Computer art scene, Computer music, Augmented Reality, Cyberarts, Digital illustration, Digital imaging, Digital painting, Digital photography, Digital poetry, Dynamic Painting, to Electronic music, Evolutionary art, Fractal art, Generative art, Generative music, Glitch Art, Immersion (virtual reality), Interactive art, Motion graphics, Music visualization, Photo manipulation, Pixel art, Render art, Software art, Systems art, Textures, Tradigital art, Via Art, or a mix of any of the above. If your art is generated digitally, but does not belong to any of the above, please send a brief description and a sample, in order to evaluate its possible participation.

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2013 - Homeostasis Lab's Artists

Andrew Blanton, Abhishek Chaudhary , Adam Ferriss, Addie Wagenknecht & Pablo Garcia, AV ADULT VIDEO, Agam (A.) Andreas, Alann De Vuyst, Albert Bayona, Alexander Florence, Alexander Limarev, Alexandre Stockler, Alfredo Salazar-Caro AKA TMVRTX, Aline Arcuri TIMA, Alison Williams, Allie Holden, Amirhossein Bayani, Anders Weberg, Andre Andrade, Andrea Reni, Jacopo Tripodi and Vittorio Gagliardi , Annabelle Arlie, antirender , Antonio Keserdzhiev, Aric Miller , Art Belikov, Azahara Cerezo , B∆G∆∆N∆, Bahtiar Dwi Susanto, Ben Bigelow, Ben Grosser, Beth Wexler, Brian Schorn, Buurmen, C. MAXWELL MORRIS, Calo JRN, Carlos Cáceres Lavergne, carolerror / arturo castro, carolerror / markus rico, Caroline Barrueco, Caroline Barrueco, João Kowacs e Luiza Só, Carolyn Frischling, Cèsar Escudero Andaluz, Chad Sines, Chadwick Gibson, ChiCO , Chippanzé, Christian Lopez , Christina Ghetti, Colectivo Artístico Rompido, Cristina Bezanilla and Maria Luisa Rivero, Dalia Amara, Dance Africa Foundation, Daniel van Straalen, Danilo Calegari, DAT POLITICS, Dave Greber, David Ray Alexander, Davis Lisboa, Delia Jürgens and Per Mertens Diego Lara Saltos, Dijana Mijatovic, Dimitri Kozma, Diva, Dmitry Morozov - ::vtol::, Dom Barra, Donato Maniello, Drew Robertson, Dunja Jankovic, Dylan Römer, Eduardo Montelli, Eduardo Taborda, Elena Romenkova, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Elizabeth Riley, Eltons Kūns ▲, Emanuelle Mazza/ Cristina Ghetti , Elliot Pank, Eme Rock , Emil Kozole, Emmanuelle LY, Eno Swinnen , Eric Jonsson, Eric Schockmel, Erika Hess , Ernesto Salazar Rodriguez , ESSTRO9, Eva Roovers , Evan Bech , Ewa Fellmann, Fábio Köhler, Feba Franz, Federico Requena, femtyechrome , Ferdinando Sorbo , Flávio Scutti , Francis Etto, François Quévillon , Fred Forest , Gabriel Menotti , Gerardo Podhajny , Giacomo Smith, Gilles de Brock , Giselle Beiguelman , Giselle Galvão, Gordon Holden, Greg Ponchak, Grégory Chatonsky , Guido Corallo , Gürkan Mıhçı, Gusti Fink, Hale Ekinci, Hamishi Farah, Hazine Kareemah, Hiba Ali, Hugo Martínez-Tormo, Hugo Paquete, Hui, Ibon Mainar, Ignacio de Salterain, Ignacio Guerra, Ilich Castillo , Isabel Pérez del Pulgar, Ismael Iglesias , Jack Fisher , Jack West, Jacob Leary, Jacob Riddle, JAL's Gallery, Javier Galán Rico, Jeff Donaldson, Jeromie Dorrance, Jill Taffet, João Ricardo, John Antoine Labadie, John Boyle-Singfield, John Zobele, Jon Chambers, Jose Irion Neto, Joshua Vincent, jsf, Julia Juanis, Julien Lacroix , Jürgen Trautwein, Kaan BAĞCI, Katie Rose Pipkin, Keroøàcidu Suäväk, Kevin Patrick Duffy, Kintrala , Kokimoto, Ksenia Plisova , Lais Pontes , Laka Silveira , Lars Buchardt, Laskfar Vortok, Laura Kim, Lauryn Siegel, Lawrence Lek, Lisa De Boeck,, Lorenzo Piovella, Lori Felker, LOST IN PIXEL, Luca Lisci , Luiz Postal, Luiza Só, Lynne Heller, Malin Abrahamsson , mandeep singh manu , Marcin Nowicki , Marcin Piątkowski, Marco Cadioli, Marco Favazzi, Margie Kelk, María Alejandra Theis, Marian Garrido, Marieke Verbiesen , Mario Santamaria, Marisa Gertz, Mark Dorf, Mark Fingerhut , Mark G. Taber, Mark Pieterson, Mark Tholander, Martin Peeves, Martina Corà and Riccardo Nava, Mary Meixner : (c) merry , Mathieu St.Pierre , Matt Bernico, Matthieu Delourme - 马秋 , Matthew Hillock, Matthew Torti, Megan Palero, METAGRAFISMO, Michael Rose , Michal Mitro, Michelle Claesson Eismann , Mitch Posada , Morehshin Allahyari, MUG/ Caroline Sabet, Natalie Alva, Neuropuerto, Nicolas Lamas, Nikolay Mendeleev, Nochi Sardea , NYX , nyx , Ola Carson, Ondrej Gerik, orworse, Pablo Molina Guerrero, Panos Beretis, Parker Kay, Patrícia Pisanelli, patrick.quinn, Patxi Araujo , Paul O'neill , Penique Productions , Pek pek, Per Mertens, Philip Mantione , Philip Thompson , Piero Chiariello, Pierre Clément, PILANTRÖPÓV and DELLAVESTRUZ, Puppies Puppies, Rachael Archibald, Rajib Bhattacharjee, Ramin Soleymani and Jemma Woolmore, Real Dancing Gir , Rein Blank, Renata Janiszewska, Rialmaroc , Ricardo Carioba , Robert A.F. Walker, Robert B. LISEK, rodni hipp, Royal Nason, Rrose ® present, Ruiz Cuevas, Russell Chartier & Paul Botelho Sandía, Sandra Araujo , Sarawut Chutiwongpeti , Scot Cotterell, Sergey Khilobok, Sergio Recabarren, Silke Briel , Simon Mack, Sonumi (Synodi Sonia Michalopoulou), Stefano Bonazzi, Steven Newell, Steven R Hammer , Steven Reynolds, Stuart Keenan, Tachyons+ AKA Logan Owlbeemoth, Tetsuka Niiyama, Tirsomati, Toban Nichols, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Tomás Díaz Cedeño, Trancelater, Trevor Vincent, Universalscene (Tim Nolan, Jen Lu and Lasse Korsgaard), Videa Gam, Violeta Cenzi, Wagic Magic and Alec Sander (The mistic pipol), Walewijn den Boer, WIDT project, Will Hooper, Yara Mekawei, Yeka Haski, Yvana Barut,..
(final list is ongoing...)

Homeostasis Lab Operators associated- co-curators

Julia Borges Araña (Sao Paulo, 1985) is an independent curator and producer engaged with emerging media circuits and contemporary arts. With a MBA in Art and Culture Management by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas and bachelor's degree in Fine Art Film by the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, Julia worked on institutions in Brazil like Itaú Cultural Institute and Museum of Image and Sound of Sao Paulo, passing trough areas such as Curatorial Projects, Management and Production of art exhibitions. She is curator and Latin America delegate of The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale (2013 and 2015) and curator of the Over-View International Festival (2015). As a producer she worked in projects and exhibitions developed with important cultural institutions such as Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Bienal de São Paulo, SESC-SP, Barbican Center (Londres), Deutsches Filmmuseum (Frankfurt), CIFO (Miami), Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro and Oi Futuro Flamengo.

Guilherme Brandão is the SysOp - cybernetic entity - artist, art critic, researcher, independent curator and producer.

Born in São Paulo, 1982 absorbed intensively the integration of media and currently lives the paradox of the crisis generated by the means of retention of digital information, a fact that inspires him to propose digital alternative multiple-artistic tasks and guides him trough other research frameworks.

M.A. Art and Architecture Critics - Universidade de Coimbra - Portugal
Bachelor Degree in Arts - Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado São Paulo - Brazil