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Bringing Joy Of Creativity.

2020 Artists On The Run

Every artist puts up those broad strokes of emotions on canvas to build the oeuvre of life. The stories behind every painting are emoted on our walls of agony and smiles. Draw the fascinated attention of every admirer to your work with our support. Let the incandescent emotions in you enlighten the desperate souls out there through the joyous burst of colors.

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The lab surfaced over into the world of artistry with the idea that simmered into a monumental edifice of hues.

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Open up your souls with your brushes and spew your concepts onto the canvas. We take it from there to shape up a generation of profound artists.

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We have been providing space for artists to revel in their inspiring body of work for more than a decade now. Creativity is always the winner.

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The Greatest Action Sporting Legends In History

David Beckham

One of the biggest sporting legends in the world of football would have to be David Beckham, not only because of his work as an amazing football player but also because of the fact that he is so charitable. He not only donates and works with many established charities all for great causes but he and his wife Victoria have also founded their own charitable trust which has led to David’s appointment as UNICEF ambassador. David started his football career in his early twenties and made his way up through many teams and even up to the premier league. David is notably one of the best football players out there and his performance throughout the years has never faltered however, his stardom arguably came about when he left the footballing world and started to build his empire as one of the most charitable sports stars to ever grace this world.


Tom Daley

Another sporting legend from a totally different background is Olympic diver Tom Daley, his career skyrocketed after his first diving appearance in the Olympics where he went on to win two gold and a bronze medal over his Olympic career. Tom’s love of diving started at a young age and after years of professional training throughout his childhood he went on to become one of the most prestigious synchronized divers in the country. After Tom gave up his Olympic career and decided to move on to other things his popularity only grew, he has worked on many events and tv shows all over the world including a lot of charity work with Children in Need and Sport Relief to raise money for unfortunate children in other countries. It is nice to see someone who has achieved so much in their life taking the time to help others and meet his fans all over the world, his compassion for others is why he is worthy of a position on this list as one of the greatest sporting legends.


Kai Saunders

A sporting legend from a whole other sports industry that has to go down as one of the greatest action sporting legends is Kai Saunders, Saunders is known for being a professional scooter rider, and his high-performance level and the fact that he makes such difficult tricks look easy to make him one of the best in the industry. Kai is worthy of a position on this list not only for his skills as a scooter rider but also down to the fact that he truly cares about his fans and those who follow him on his career journey. Kai has been seen in many different situations going above and beyond for fans he meets in the outside world, he always stops where he can to meet fans and make their day by posing for a picture.


With his success as a rider, he is not short of money or popularity so it is great to see someone being so humble. Kai is also a very encouraging mentor and is known for following the mantra of being able to do anything if you put your mind to it, so if you are in the market for a new scooter in the hopes of being able to follow in Saunders footsteps and look at the reviews of these electric scooters under $500 and you will be jumping on the ramps in no time.


Usain Bolt

The final sporting legend on this list is none other than Usain Bolt his work as an Olympic athlete is comparable to nobody and he currently holds the world record for the one hundred and two hundred meter sprint in the fastest times. It is not just the fact that he is such a commendable sprinter but the fact that he spends so much of his free time now that he is no longer an Olympic athlete helping others around the world. Bolt has taken part in many motivational speeches and events driven towards helping people figure out what they want to do and to provide the motivation to work on a better life. Usain Bolt is also a big figurehead in Kenya’s wildlife conservation project showing that he is much more than just a sporting legend and that his passion is something he carries over to the real world.

8 Famous Actors That Are Also Master Musicians

Have you ever been watching a film and TV show and wondered, ‘where have I heard that voice before?’. Recognizing a voice is one of the most annoying things you can experience, as more often than not the real annoyance is not being able to figure out where you recognize the voice from. It may shock you to know that a lot of the voices that you recognize don’t come from other films but in fact popular songs. You may be aware of some actors that also have a career as a musician, however learning that others take part in music production may come as a surprise to you. Here are 8 famous actors that are also master musicians.



Rihanna is probably more known for her music career than her acting career, but she does have a small following that knows her more for her movie appearances than her career as a musician. It is understandable that some people may be unaware of her musical ability, due to the fact that she hasn’t dropped an album in almost half a decade. However, it would be unfortunate for her music career to be entirely forgotten, due to how much she added to the culture of the mid-noughties. You have definitely heard one of her famous hits as she has had dozens of songs that have made it to number one in the charts.


Robert Pattinson

It may surprise you to know that Robert Pattinson is in fact a very talented singer and composer. The general public knows him for his performance in the questionable teen hit Twilight, however, you may not know that he actually composed and performed several of the songs that you hear throughout the movie. He has a talent with many instruments, but his personal favorite to play is the piano. He has played since he was a child and it is something that he carried into adulthood and became very good at. If you too would like to have the same opportunities as Robert, be sure to check out pianoforall review to learn how to play.


Jared Leto

Leto has made a big name for himself throughout his long career and if you are someone that had an emo phase, you definitely know him for his music career too. He was and still is the frontman of the popular band ‘thirty seconds to mars’ and is beloved by anyone who heard their number one song, ‘Bury me’. He still produces songs but has chosen to put more focus on his acting career over the last few years.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has graced our screens with her brilliant acting for over a decade, starring in some of our favorite rom coms and turn of the century chick flicks. But before she found fame on the big screen, she was just Jenny from the block. Jennifer still creates music and has made dozens of big hits and is well known in the RnB business.


Will Smith

Will Smith got his big break on the series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Everyone knows that he sings the theme song for the show, but not many people know about a lot of the other hits that he made. Will spent some time trying to break into the music industry, and though he had some popular songs hit the chart, his music career was always overshadowed by the merits that he had earned through his acting. His songs mainly specialize in late 90’s cheese and are great for a throwback party.


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been in countless movies and specializes in the comedy genre. One thing that he doesn’t try to keep a secret is his long career as a musician. Justin was a member of the popular boy group NSYNC that captured the heart of teenage girls in the early ’90s. He continued to do this with his smooth vocals until the late 2010s and since then he has put most of his efforts into his acting career.


Jack Black

Jack Black is a beloved actor and popular rockstar. Not only has he been the frontman of most popular comedy films, but he is also the frontman of the band ‘Tenacious D’. He collaborated his love of acting with his love of singing to create the Tenacious D movie, The Pick of Destiny. Though it didn’t get the best critique, there is no doubt that it has a cult following. Jack loves performing and has always said that if he had to give up one of the two, he would move on from acting.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is new to the acting scene and is still considered to be more well known for her singing ability. The star has appeared in the popular show ‘American Horror Story’ and also starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the award-winning film, ‘ A Star is Born’.


Andy Samberg

Andy Sandberg is well known for his comedic appearance in the beloved show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and is also the frontman of the well-loved musical trio, The Lonely Island. Andy has been performing long before he started to act. The Lonely Island specializes in comedy rap and has always had a big following, they recently released a new album and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. You may also notice that his fellow bandmates have made several appearances in some of the films and shows he has worked on.

Why Has Fantasy Football Suddenly Become so Popular?

Fantasy football has been popular if relatively underground, pastime for thousands of people around the globe for many years. It allows sports fans to feel that step closer to the game and teams they love as it gives them an extra incentive to pay close attention to all aspects of the game while a season is on. It is also a great social aspect of sports as it is often played amongst a group of people who will form their own league based around the sport they are playing and often based around actual leagues in those sports. This can bring the extra level to a game that a lot of people crave as it makes you feel almost like you are managing your own team.

As exciting as this all is, fantasy football has usually been designated as a nerdy aspect of sports fandom and has never really entered the mainstream. That is, until recently. This year especially, many more people have been picking up the hobby along with the new and very different 2020/2021 football season, and it might be more obvious as to why than you might think.


The Rise of Technology

Over the last few years, technology, in general, has taken huge steps in its utility, pricing, and popularity with the masses. This has led to millions of people’s lives being changed as they integrate technology into their daily routine to help keep people connected and generally make their daily schedules more efficient. This has helped fantasy footballers a huge amount.

For a start, there are now dozens of apps that will let you organize and keep track of your fantasy football team and even let you create leagues with other app users whether you know them in real life or not! This takes away one of the most annoying parts of organizing a fantasy league and often even integrates it with live score and transfer changes as they affect the players’ teams.

To take these apps to the next level, some have even started to post times and links to game streams and provide users with a daily updated football live streaming schedule, allowing players to watch any relevant games along with their fantasy footballing.


Video Games

Beyond just utility, technology has also raised people’s interest in participating in activities around the sport. Video game releases such as Fifa and Football Manager becoming exponentially more popular by the year has gotten millions of people into the kind of mindset needed to run a fantasy football team, and getting good at those games gives you the skills required to make the right decisions on team composition and generally grants a better understanding of the game on and off the pitch.



The recent aspect that has affected hundreds of industries both positively and negatively is the ongoing 2020 pandemic. Sports, in general, were essentially canceled before the end of the season in 2020, and ever since then when sports have started up again, they are not the same as people remember.

Most sports allow limited (if any) spectators for matches now, with British football replacing the ever-important atmosphere of the crowd with the dynamic system used by EA’s Fifa series. This, combined with the unprecedented amount of time people were made to stay at home, has meant that the desire to be a part of the game is more intense than ever before, but at a time where it is difficult to actually participate.

This is where fantasy football, especially in its modern form has stepped in. It has allowed fans to still try and get the most out of their support of the game while staying safe by letting them get the extra level of community and excitement they would traditionally have by going to matches and being a part of the game in an easy to use and extremely enjoyable way.

The 6 Biggest Gaming Icons That Defined a Generation

Gaming, in general, is a hobby and leisure activity that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, with new processes being released every day to help customize and improve a player’s gaming experience and help retain their interest. Some games benefit from sticking to a simple concept and others require regular updates to encourage players to keep playing the game, the great thing about this is the fact that you have the option to play your favorite games how you want to if you find a certain part of the game boring you can switch up the game mode to suit your playing style. An example of this is in the card action game AFK Arena where redemption codes can be used in exchange for in-game currency to help you progress in the game at your desired pace. If you are interested you can find more codes on afk.guide.


I think it’s safe to say that the gaming industry is one that undergoes very regular change, from what games are trending to the newest releases to enter the market, although there are constantly new games being created there are a few games and characters which have stood the test of time in terms of remaining relevant and popular. Classic gaming characters have the stopping power to retain their fans as there is something nostalgic about playing the older games with some families even sharing the games with their kids to show them what they enjoyed when they were children.


Mario and Luigi

These classic Nintendo characters have been around for some time, with their simple arcade-style games where the two brothers are usually tasked with rescuing Princess Peach from villain Bowser. Mario brothers games have provided hours of fun to so many children as they progressed from console to console, the games are still around to this day and can be played in super high-quality graphics and even better levels for all of the family to enjoy.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is another classic game this time coming from the Sega franchise, Sonic has been a very fun game ever since its introduction to the Sega Mega Drive all of those years ago. Sonic like Mario is a character playable in a fun arcade-style game where Sonic must make his way through a world whilst collecting golden rings, the fact that this game is still available to play on all modern-day consoles just shows how much fun there is to be had.



Even those who are not regular video game players will be aware of and will have played this game at some point in their lives, Pacman is the ultimate time killer which has definitely stood the test of time. Pacman as a character has not always remained in the world of gaming with many films depicting this yellow cherry eating alien within their stories. Pacman is very easily accessible and has definitely come a long way from being just your classic arcade game.


Lara Croft

Lara Croft is often very underrated and yet she is another example of a character that has graced both the video game and the film world with their presence. This game is actually very old and some of the newer players don’t realize how far back this game goes. The original Lara Croft games were available on the first Xbox model, the graphics were very high quality for the times, and the success of the game just shows how interesting this exploration action-packed game really was.



Another classic from Nintendo would have to be the character of Link, his game The Legend of Zelda is up there with some of Nintendo’s best work. The Zelda games are classic along with other favorites like Mario and Luigi. We have seen the character of Link grow in terms of gameplay, graphics quality, and story in a  very dramatic way. Year after year the Zelda games have only undergone more and more improvement. The game is very easy to follow and can offer up hours of fun for all ages in this medieval fantasy quest.


Master Chief

The final character in this list is none other than the Master Chief, originating from the Halo Reach franchise this game character is truly revolutionary as one of the most high-quality first-person shooter action games ever made. Action games are very popular even to this day so imagine the reaction to the release of a high-quality action-packed game within a science fiction style of gameplay. This game has it all – frightening planets, gruesome aliens, and some very well designed vehicles and weapons to help you defend yourself. The Master Chief is a highly recognizable character who has definitely stood the test of time in terms of remaining popular.

Is TwitchTV planning to purchase a Cable TV Channel?

I have spent most of my life working as a content creator. I made my start in the early days of YouTube and have grown and expanded with it. I mostly work behind the scenes, managing production, editing, and branding. I find people often ask me how to buy views on YouTube or how can they get more views on their Twitch Stream. And usually, I would tell them to be consistent with their uploading and vocal with their advertising.

But now I find myself faced with a strange conundrum. If rumors are to be believed then Twitch Tv is about to make a serious change and revolutionize streaming forever. And with it, the entire scene of streaming will change as well. But that all depends on If TwitchTv is actually Planning to Purchase a Cable TV Channel.


The Idea

The first thought I had, and I’m sure you did as well, was how would that actually work? Twitch works because people can browse through lots of streamers and pick the ones they like. Whereas a traditional Cable TV channel is basically one stream.

The idea is Twitch would create a new stream on their site that would be the mainstream displayed on the channel. But this stream would be used for major events. Things such as ESports tournaments, E3 coverage, and other gaming-related reveals.

The draw for it would be that it would be entirely run by the Twitch Community. Top streamers from around the site would be given slots on the stream. Tantamount to news anchors, these streamers would be able to gain exposure for themselves while also getting paid. A win-win for everyone.


Is it Likely?

The biggest issue here is that cable TV channels are hit with a lot more regulations than Twitch. Twitch, at the moment, can dictate what it shows and how it conducts itself. It is free to change however it sees fit. But then if they moved onto cable TV, suddenly they would have to deal with the FCC. A ruthless regulatory board that ensures viewing standards are upheld.

This could cause a lot of issues, particularly if the streamers selected to run the channel decide they want to push the limits and cause a fuss. On cable TV if you do something that goes against the rules you could be slapped with a heft fine or even, in extreme cases, criminal charges. So why would Twitch sign up for this if it would serve only to limit their current creative freedom?


Covering Their Bases

The biggest draw for Twitch is the ability to reach a whole new audience. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a computer or device able to watch streamers. And some people are just wholly unaware of this medium. But Cable TV has been a basic commodity in most places for a while now.

If they branched out they would be able to bring more viewers into the fold, which is great for both the viewers and the streamers who would receive more views and subs.

Not to mention as more streaming platforms appear, looking to compete with Twitch, they will need to stay relevant and keep their numbers up. This could be seen as a gimmicky publicity stunt. But either way, if it manages to bring entertainment to people around the world and further expand this fantastic community, I welcome it with open arms.

What do you think? Would you watch Twitch TV if it was on actual TV? Or do you prefer to see your steamers through your laptop screen like everyone else?

Lockdown Crafts: The Most Inventive Projects to Come out of the Pandemic

I think it’s safe to say that the last few months have been a mix of boredom and stress due to the fact that we have all been confined to our homes with little to no news as to when the situation is going to improve. That being said many have relished in the opportunity to make the most out of the predicament and spend time with their loved ones doing new things, home crafts have seen a huge increase in popularity over social media with many people turning trash into treasure making new pieces for their homes. Below are some great examples of affordable craft projects that you can do with your family to help pass the time, and spice up the home seeing as we are going to be spending a significant amount of time in it.


Bottle Vases

Recycling your plastic bottles is great as it helps to p[reserve the world we are living in, however instead of just throwing your bottles away you could very easily turn one into a lovely vase. This would make a great gift or as a way of brightening up your home, and it’s very easy and affordable to do. The only things required for this craft project are a bottle of your chosen size, paints, or spray paint in your chosen color, PVA glue, and any decorative bits you have lying around the house. Depending on the type of bottle you are using you should cut the top into the shape you wish your top vase to be. Once you have done this apply a few layers of paint and top with a layer of glue once dry to seal the color, Leave to dry overnight and then you can start adding your decoration and add a personal touch, this craft is easy to do and is one of the besten geschenke für mädchen unter 5 euro.


Candle Holders

Candles are great for creating a homely atmosphere, especially in the colder evenings so why not add a personal touch to your home and create your own candle holder with a glass jar. You will want to use a material that can withstand heat when doing this craft but other than that anything goes. This is an opportunity to unleash your creative side and create something lovely for your loved ones. Simply take a cleaned out jar or container and add your own decorations to suit the style of your house, things like shells, stones, and crystals would be great as when the candle is lit the shapes are going to make the whole thing stand out. If you are using a jam jar you could decorate with nail polish or permanent markers that are going to give a stained glass window effect.


Ornaments / Picture Frames

In these uncertain times there is nothing more important than family, so why not display your affection for your loved ones by adding a personal touch to your home photos and frames. The beauty of this craft project is the fact that you are likely to have photo frames in your house that are in need of some extra details. Using any decorative bits you have in your house already simply superglue the pieces around the picture, don’t be afraid of getting messy with this as the rustic designs are much nicer in my opinion. Ensure that everything is glued down properly and you could even add some color with paints if you wanted to add something extra. Once you have finished you will be left with a beautifully creative piece displaying your favorite memories

Is the Scorpion Gaming Chair A Step Too Far?

You might have seen this on your social media feed in the past few days. The giant scorpion gaming chair that literally wraps your computer screens around you and seals you inside its daunting and menacing metal shell. It is every gamer’s dream. But is it actually all that? Or is it a scary sign of the times?


Gaming Chairs Renisannce

In the past few years, we have seen countless quality gaming chairs from housetech.ie, Scorn, and Secret Gamers. Among other brands as well, it seems we are in the age of comfortable gaming. In reality, we were seemingly at the apex of where gaming chairs could possibly go.

Which is what alarms me so much. There is such a thing as too much innovation. There are hundreds of films, books, and TV shows littered with the warnings of what will happen to us if we become too dependant and comfortable with technology. And this scorpion gaming chair could be the first step towards that overtly decadent decline for our species.


Needless Worry?

Maybe I am just being a bit too extreme with my ideas. Maybe this product will go the way of many other luxuries and extravagant gaming products and fade into obscurity. Destined only to be bought by those with more money than sense.

But as products like this become cheaper, and the world moves towards a more digital landscape, it seems like it might not be too long before we all find ourselves confined to a scorpion chair of our own, staring mindlessly into a screen forever.

But, I will say this. That chair does look incredibly cool! And you might just see me in one before you know it!


Top Digital Art Skills That You Need to Posses

Being known as a digital artist seems to be the right deal that everyone wants to strike. The process is exciting, and individuals who have qualified to do so, tend to live a life filled with editing projects, analysing programs and capturing the real purpose of a particular software. But that need not be the only addition to the list because there are a bunch of skills that also enter the picture. So if your aim is to reach great heights being a digital artist, then these skills are the right ones that you need to incorporate at first. Hence, go ahead and read the following points.


1. A Keen Interest Towards Design

One of the obvious inclusions to this list is the design, as it plays a vital role in carrying out the entire process. Apart from understanding the software, you need to have a brief take in design that comes out as creative and innovative. While this particular process comes naturally for some, others will have to pick it up through practice and experience. So what are you waiting for? Put in the right kind of effort and begin to explore the world of creative designs.


2. Animation

Thanks to recent upgradations and a bunch of other activities, animation is an important aspect that needs to be understood and analysed—learning the same needs to be done in an informative manner that discloses every single concept that revolves around the same. Since your starting out, a basic software like Animate CC will help you out as they provide you with an idea that can be expanded over time.


3. Light and Shade

Figuring out the light source and adding a touch of perfection towards the project is as important as the criteria for shade. The appropriate utilisation of darkness and light can push your project towards the true extent and helps people analyse the beauty of the same. As a result, learning more about the source of both these aspects will be critical to the project in general. So make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned in the process.



4. Typography

This is another skill that is often ignored and misunderstood. But the moment the font goes wrong, people come ahead to realise its power and how things could have been different if they had incorporated the same in the first place. So please don’t make the same mistake; instead, go ahead and learn more about the terminology and how it gravy affects the outcome of your process. By doing so, every single part of the project will be established, and the project will turn out to beat your expectations.