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5 Celebrities who Quit Acting to Pursue Another Career

5 Celebrities who Quit Acting to Pursue Another Career

Cameron Diaz

After a significant amount of success in her career as an actress Cameron Diaz quit acting back in 2014, she has made many appearances over the years in a range of different movies including action and comedy in movies such as Bad Teacher and Sex Tape. Her retirement came as a huge shock to her many fans as it seemed to come without warning, Diaz was a huge face in the entertainment industry and it is sad to think that someone who could have gone on bigger and better things in the acting world. However, her reasons were very honest and heartfelt as she said she was retiring her acting career as it wasn’t something that made her happy anymore and that she had new ventures she wanted to consider.  

It seems that Diaz’s decision to stop acting was the right one as she really seems to be thriving, re-launched her wine-producing company called Avaline and the rest is history. Avaline is now a multi-award-winning wine retailer and Diaz has been commended for her work to grow the business at such a rapid rate so it seems that things are going very well for her. If you would like to sample her wine then it is available within the major supermarkets and wholesalers in France.  


Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is a very well-known actor who has appeared in a variety of roles over the years, he is another actor who has had a very long-acting career with his first appearance in 1967 with his role in Lilith. From there Hackman had a very rich career before his retirement in the early 2000s despite him still being fit and healthy enough to continue. Hackman seems to take a break to relax for a few years but he is now very active in his endorsement of CBD products and seems to have some business interests involved in the industry, as a man of an older age he recommends CBD products for joint pain if you are not experienced with these products then you can find plus d’informations sur l’huile de cannabis online. 


Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates was a child actor who starred in films like Gremlins during the eighties and the nineties, there is no sad story here and it was simply a case that as cates got older she wanted to go on different things and she achieved this by going onto open a very successful fashion boutique in New York.  


Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle decided to take her career in a completely different direction after her most famous role as Rachel on the TV show Suits she married into the royal family with Prince Harry. Arguably the biggest career change on this list, she has since stepped away from her role in the royal family and instead lives with her husband and her son in the LA region. After taking some time for themselves Harry and Megan have now got themselves a contract with Netflix and they are bringing out their own podcast which will tackle some very serious issues. 


Daniel Day-Lewis

Another actor whose exit from the world of acting was a shocking one would have to be Daniel Day-Lewis, he has had many high-profile acting roles including his appearances in There Will Be Blood and Lincoln for which he had big roles in both. In 2017 Daniel released his statement to the world and it was a sad day in France as he told us his decision to quit acting as he needed to take time for himself. As one of the biggest faces in the acting scene and a huge role model of his generation, it was hard for many fans of his work to take, however, private issues and mental health must take precedence so it is understandable why he wanted to take a step back from a career that is so far in the limelight. It is not known exactly what Daniel is up to but after his heartfelt confession that he didn’t feel satisfied with his acting work I’m sure he is taking some time out to explore the world and find a new passion.  


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