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5 New Hobbies you Should Definitely Consider Trying

5 New Hobbies you Should Definitely Consider Trying

We all at some point end up hitting a wall. It’s a lovely day, you’re not at work, you have money in the bank and your schedule Is clear… but you have nothing to do. Hurt, crestfallen even, you live your day doing nothing, completely bored. Well not anymore, here are 5 new hobbies that might be able to spice up your free time and alleviate that boredom. 



Cooking? I hear you shout, why cooking? Well, you might be throwing beans on toast for lunch but how about cracking open that cookbook you got off your auntie three years ago and actually trying a recipe. Cooking can be a very rewarding hobby. Not only are you going to be getting tasty treats and meals out of it, but it’s a skill that you’ll be using for the rest of your life. So open that book finds whatever looks tastiest and just give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try again.




Gone are the age-old days of needing a bulky $3000 PC to play Minecraft, gaming is the most popular and the most accessible it’s ever been. Mobile gaming is becoming more and more of a reality each day and it provides something for everyone. You want to seem cool so you can play Fortnite with your hip nephew? You can do it! You want to drink a cup of tea and pretend to solve a crossword even though you’re looking up most of the answers online? You can do that too! And with the portability of mobile phones, all you need is the best wifi hotspot for gaming and you’re ready to go.  

Learning to play an instrument 

Remember that time you bought an old guitar from a friend and said you were going to learn but you just put it in your wardrobe left it there? Yeah well maybe now’s the time to start shredding! Learning to play an instrument isn’t an easy hobby, it’s not going to happen overnight, but if you put the time in and practice it can be a very rewarding hobby that can easily fill the blank spaces in your schedule. And who knows, after a year or two you could be up on stage hitting that guitar solo with expertise. 



Ew grim exercising that doesn’t sound fun, wrong. Learning your body, what it can and can’t do, is a very useful and rewarding thing to invest time in. Not only will It help you to become more in tune with your physical health but it’s another hobby that you have to invest time into. So why not take that boredom and invest it into your own wellbeing. Start running, weight training, yoga, stretching, all of these works. Find your limits and push them! You will absolutely be feeling the results in no time.  


Writing may seem like a daunting hobby to undertake but the beauty of writing is how personal it can be. Whether you want to try and write a novel, or you just want to write poems for yourself. You can be as open or as closed off as you want. Novels, poems, screenplays, stage plays, just writing down fun ideas you have, it’s all valid, and it’s all doable. Writing is also just really cheap. As long as you have yourself a pen and a piece of paper you can become the net best franchise writer. Or you can just write down some jokes you think are funny whatever floats your boat really.  

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