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6 Famous Sports Players that Turned to Acting

6 Famous Sports Players that Turned to Acting

One of the most common dreams people seem to have is to become a famous actor. There is just something so alluring about stepping on stage or in front of a camera and becoming someone else for a while. And to be recognized by the masses and heralded for your performance is high many people chase constantly. But becoming an actor is no easy feat. With so much competition it is very unlikely that everyone who wants to be an actor will become one.

It helps if you have a leg up on the world stage already. Like, for instance, being a famous Sports Star, or being a star on TwitchTV. It isn’t uncommon to see a famous athlete turn to act later in their career. And sometimes these athletes are quite successful in the movie industry. We have seen many MMA stars or Ballon d’Or winners appear on the silver screen. And today we are going to look at six of these Sports Players that Turned to Acting.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Perhaps one of the most notable and famous movie stars out there, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ made his start in professional wrestling. That is where he got his famous nickname from. But he eventually turned his talents to acting and has become a household name. Appearing in everything from gritty action thrillers to daredevil racing movies. He has even taken a starting role in some popular Disney movies. He truly is a man of many faces.


LeBron James

One of the most famous basketball players, LeBron James has also become quite a regular on the silver screen. Working alongside a lot of big-name actors such as Amy Schumer and The Rock. He also appears on a lot of TV Shows, mainly as himself. While his acting credits are made up mostly of cameos, he is still a formidable actor with a vast range.


Terry Crews

Terry Crews is one of the most popular actors of our time. His role in Brooklyn-Nine-Nine and White Girls has made him an acting icon. But Terry made his start as an NFL player, which is actually a little known fact. Terry has become a comedic icon and a vocal activist for equal rites and men’s mental health as well. He constantly moves from strength to strength. Which is no surprise considering the size of his muscles!


Carl Weathers

Carl also made his start as a popular NFL player. But these days he is most commonly known for his impressive acting reel. Appearing in some major blockbusters such as the original Predator movie and Apollo Creed. He also had a major role in the award-winning series Arrested Development. Carl has created a solid acting brand around himself, playing both serious roles while also often acting as a parody version of himself, to great comedic effect.

It is difficult to find an athlete turned actor with a range as startlingly good as Carls. He is definitely one of my favorite actors of all time as I am a huge fan of the Predator franchise.


Dave Bautista

Another MMA star and wrestling champ, Dave Bautista has flung himself into stardom by becoming one of the most notable action heroes in modern cinema. He is best known for his role as Drax in the incredibly popular Guardians of the Galaxy series. He was at the center of a slight scandal recently, associated with James Gunn, but that was quickly resolved and he was back in favor with the general public and found himself lining up for more great acting jobs.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The terminator himself couldn’t possibly be left off this list. While Arnold didn’t play traditional sports, he was a renowned and popular bodybuilder in his home country of Austria. But he eventually crossed the pond and began his acting career. And this led him to become one of the most famous names in movie history. Backed up by his eventual career in politics, Arnold has solidified himself as one of the greatest actors that ever lived. Not bad for a humble bodybuilder in our opinion.

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