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8 Famous Actors That Are Also Master Musicians

8 Famous Actors That Are Also Master Musicians

Have you ever been watching a film and TV show and wondered, ‘where have I heard that voice before?’. Recognizing a voice is one of the most annoying things you can experience, as more often than not the real annoyance is not being able to figure out where you recognize the voice from. It may shock you to know that a lot of the voices that you recognize don’t come from other films but in fact popular songs. You may be aware of some actors that also have a career as a musician, however learning that others take part in music production may come as a surprise to you. Here are 8 famous actors that are also master musicians.



Rihanna is probably more known for her music career than her acting career, but she does have a small following that knows her more for her movie appearances than her career as a musician. It is understandable that some people may be unaware of her musical ability, due to the fact that she hasn’t dropped an album in almost half a decade. However, it would be unfortunate for her music career to be entirely forgotten, due to how much she added to the culture of the mid-noughties. You have definitely heard one of her famous hits as she has had dozens of songs that have made it to number one in the charts.


Robert Pattinson

It may surprise you to know that Robert Pattinson is in fact a very talented singer and composer. The general public knows him for his performance in the questionable teen hit Twilight, however, you may not know that he actually composed and performed several of the songs that you hear throughout the movie. He has a talent with many instruments, but his personal favorite to play is the piano. He has played since he was a child and it is something that he carried into adulthood and became very good at. If you too would like to have the same opportunities as Robert, be sure to check out pianoforall review to learn how to play.


Jared Leto

Leto has made a big name for himself throughout his long career and if you are someone that had an emo phase, you definitely know him for his music career too. He was and still is the frontman of the popular band ‘thirty seconds to mars’ and is beloved by anyone who heard their number one song, ‘Bury me’. He still produces songs but has chosen to put more focus on his acting career over the last few years.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has graced our screens with her brilliant acting for over a decade, starring in some of our favorite rom coms and turn of the century chick flicks. But before she found fame on the big screen, she was just Jenny from the block. Jennifer still creates music and has made dozens of big hits and is well known in the RnB business.


Will Smith

Will Smith got his big break on the series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Everyone knows that he sings the theme song for the show, but not many people know about a lot of the other hits that he made. Will spent some time trying to break into the music industry, and though he had some popular songs hit the chart, his music career was always overshadowed by the merits that he had earned through his acting. His songs mainly specialize in late 90’s cheese and are great for a throwback party.


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been in countless movies and specializes in the comedy genre. One thing that he doesn’t try to keep a secret is his long career as a musician. Justin was a member of the popular boy group NSYNC that captured the heart of teenage girls in the early ’90s. He continued to do this with his smooth vocals until the late 2010s and since then he has put most of his efforts into his acting career.


Jack Black

Jack Black is a beloved actor and popular rockstar. Not only has he been the frontman of most popular comedy films, but he is also the frontman of the band ‘Tenacious D’. He collaborated his love of acting with his love of singing to create the Tenacious D movie, The Pick of Destiny. Though it didn’t get the best critique, there is no doubt that it has a cult following. Jack loves performing and has always said that if he had to give up one of the two, he would move on from acting.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is new to the acting scene and is still considered to be more well known for her singing ability. The star has appeared in the popular show ‘American Horror Story’ and also starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the award-winning film, ‘ A Star is Born’.


Andy Samberg

Andy Sandberg is well known for his comedic appearance in the beloved show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and is also the frontman of the well-loved musical trio, The Lonely Island. Andy has been performing long before he started to act. The Lonely Island specializes in comedy rap and has always had a big following, they recently released a new album and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. You may also notice that his fellow bandmates have made several appearances in some of the films and shows he has worked on.

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