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8 Movie Premieres We Can’t Wait to Attend

8 Movie Premieres We Can’t Wait to Attend

Movie premieres are hotspots for seeing celebrity icons and high-end fashion on the red carpet, after the world starts to return to normality after the pandemic it is nice to see that so many of the movies we have been waiting almost two years for are finally going to be released to the world. Movie premieres start the process off at the beginning of a film release and they create a lot of buzz for members of the public who are eagerly anticipating the reviews of the film.  



Cruella has been in the works for a long time now with filming taking place almost two years ago now, Emma Stone’s portrayal of this iconic Disney villain is truly worth the wait with people saying it is one of her best performances to date. The fashion within this movie is so prominent that I think the red carpet looks on show at this premier are going to be truly show-stopping, keep watching on your social media feeds to see what everyone was wearing to the premiere of this high fashion movie. 


Black Widow

The world of Marvel movies is another part of the industry that has been put on hold in terms of the movies they have released, Black Widow was due to be released in the early stages of the pandemic and since that was unable to happen the premiere was also put on hold. Marvel movie premieres seem to be lovely events with great atmospheres. The cast of most Marvel productions is so close to one another that these premieres and red carpets are an opportunity for old friends to come together in celebration of the company that made it all possible.  



Disney was forced to put many of their movies on hold thanks to the pandemic and the restrictions it caused on the entertainment industry, Mulan was another movie that was affected and we are waiting for the premiere of this awesome-looking film. The cast is set to be dressed in culturally appropriate clothing which celebrates the Chinese culture which drives the film’s narrative. After a year of stress and uncertainty this red carpet and movie [premier is definitely on the watch list of one of the best events to be held this year.  



 One for those of you that are horror fans Spiral is said to be one of the most gruesome saw films in the franchise, as is the case with most of these films you can expect high amounts of gore and blood to really shock the fear chasers amongst you. The movie premiere for this production is set to be held later in the summer with the whole cast coming together to celebrate this hugely successful movie, with iconic faces like Caroline Proust who was in the headlines for her recent achievement of quitting smoking. If you would like to follow in her footsteps and quit smoking using disposable vapes then check out your local retailer to see what is available in your area of the world.  


Army of The Dead

 It has been a while since a good zombie movie has been released with many of the other attempts to portray this classic story being very low in quality and story. Army of the Dead is a complete outlier to this trend with their high energy and realistic portrayal of what the world would be like if zombies roamed the streets. The movie premiere for this film is going to be just as high energy with the popular cast set to attract quite a crowd of both the press and fans. 


The New Mutants

As a part of the Marvel franchise and the X men storyline, you would expect this movie to be within the young teen and child genre much like the other superhero stories that are produced by the same company. However this new twist on the classic franchise is putting a more horrific spin on the hero genre of film, the New Mutants features some familiar faces with Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor Joy at the forefront of the cast, the premier is not one you will want to miss out on.  


Wrong Turn

After the stresses of the pandemic, it seems that the world is returning to some level of normality and the horror movie industry is one that is catching up on the releases it has had to put on hold. Wrong Turn is a pretty recent release to round up the collection of movies around cannibalism and general horror gore. The premier is still a few months away from being held but if the trailers and promotional material are anything to go by the cast and crew are clearly very excited to get things started.  


Jungle Cruise

The final movie on this list with a movie premier that you just have to watch out for would have to be Jungle Cruise, after months and months of waiting for the film to be coming out it is great news for fans of Disney. The premiere for this film is also going to be a very high profile event with costars Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Emily Blunt being at the forefront of the event, these two high profile stars have not appeared together ever before so it is going to be great to see them coming together to celebrate their collaboration.  

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