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How The World Stayed Healthy During the Pandemic

How The World Stayed Healthy During the Pandemic

How The World Stayed Healthy During the Pandemic

If you remember back to the very beginning of the pandemic, we were all forced to stay at home and many of us were unable to go to work unless we were considered to be key workers.

For a lot of people, being forced to stay at home was a big shock to the system. If you were someone with an incredibly busy and active lifestyle, you likely noticed a very big difference in your routine when the pandemic hit.

We were all spending far more time in our lounge clothing and most of our days were spent on the sofa checking out all of the shows that Netflix had to offer. If you were someone that previously had an incredibly active life, then you probably noticed that you were not as healthy as you would like to be. Though we all spent the first few months enjoying being lazy, when we realized that the pandemic would last a lot longer, we all made some changes to maintain our health. Here is how the world stayed healthy during the pandemic.

Cut Out Junk Food

If we can’t indulge in some junk food when the world is experiencing a pandemic, then when can we? After a while, we all quickly realized that we could not continue to eat unhealthy snacks during the pandemic and many of us used the time in lockdown to improve our eating habits and work on our cooking skills.

Thanks to social media, it became much easier to access healthy recipes online and so we were all cooking better and using fresh produce. With our busy lifestyles when we were all working full time, it became very easy to fall into the habit of living on nothing but fast and processed foods.

Because people had a lot more time on their hands, they were able to work on their cooking abilities and become much more familiar with fresh produce. This meant that many of us were eating healthier than we ever did.

Protected Our Eyes

During the pandemic, we all watched a lot more TV than we usually did. As you know, watching TV for a prolonged period of time is not good for your eyes as it can cause strain and long-term damage.

There wasn’t really much to do during the pandemic and so many people were left with no choice but to watch TV. Instead of damaging our eyes, many of us turned to blue light blocking glasses when we watched TV, which protected our eyes from the strain associated with watching TV.

Socialize With Friends Online

A big issue that popped up during lockdown was loneliness. As you know, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Even though lockdown was a very lonely time, people found a way to overcome this loneliness. Many of us turned to playing games with our friends to avoid loneliness and for the most part, it worked. People got in contact every day to avoid falling victim to poor mental health and we all reached out to our friends for support.

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