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Is the Scorpion Gaming Chair A Step Too Far?

Is the Scorpion Gaming Chair A Step Too Far?

You might have seen this on your social media feed in the past few days. The giant scorpion gaming chair that literally wraps your computer screens around you and seals you inside its daunting and menacing metal shell. It is every gamer’s dream. But is it actually all that? Or is it a scary sign of the times?


Gaming Chairs Renisannce

In the past few years, we have seen countless quality gaming chairs from, Scorn, and Secret Gamers. Among other brands as well, it seems we are in the age of comfortable gaming. In reality, we were seemingly at the apex of where gaming chairs could possibly go.

Which is what alarms me so much. There is such a thing as too much innovation. There are hundreds of films, books, and TV shows littered with the warnings of what will happen to us if we become too dependant and comfortable with technology. And this scorpion gaming chair could be the first step towards that overtly decadent decline for our species.


Needless Worry?

Maybe I am just being a bit too extreme with my ideas. Maybe this product will go the way of many other luxuries and extravagant gaming products and fade into obscurity. Destined only to be bought by those with more money than sense.

But as products like this become cheaper, and the world moves towards a more digital landscape, it seems like it might not be too long before we all find ourselves confined to a scorpion chair of our own, staring mindlessly into a screen forever.

But, I will say this. That chair does look incredibly cool! And you might just see me in one before you know it!


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