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Is TwitchTV planning to purchase a Cable TV Channel?

Is TwitchTV planning to purchase a Cable TV Channel?

I have spent most of my life working as a content creator. I made my start in the early days of YouTube and have grown and expanded with it. I mostly work behind the scenes, managing production, editing, and branding. I find people often ask me how to buy views on YouTube or how can they get more views on their Twitch Stream. And usually, I would tell them to be consistent with their uploading and vocal with their advertising.

But now I find myself faced with a strange conundrum. If rumors are to be believed then Twitch Tv is about to make a serious change and revolutionize streaming forever. And with it, the entire scene of streaming will change as well. But that all depends on If TwitchTv is actually Planning to Purchase a Cable TV Channel.


The Idea

The first thought I had, and I’m sure you did as well, was how would that actually work? Twitch works because people can browse through lots of streamers and pick the ones they like. Whereas a traditional Cable TV channel is basically one stream.

The idea is Twitch would create a new stream on their site that would be the mainstream displayed on the channel. But this stream would be used for major events. Things such as ESports tournaments, E3 coverage, and other gaming-related reveals.

The draw for it would be that it would be entirely run by the Twitch Community. Top streamers from around the site would be given slots on the stream. Tantamount to news anchors, these streamers would be able to gain exposure for themselves while also getting paid. A win-win for everyone.


Is it Likely?

The biggest issue here is that cable TV channels are hit with a lot more regulations than Twitch. Twitch, at the moment, can dictate what it shows and how it conducts itself. It is free to change however it sees fit. But then if they moved onto cable TV, suddenly they would have to deal with the FCC. A ruthless regulatory board that ensures viewing standards are upheld.

This could cause a lot of issues, particularly if the streamers selected to run the channel decide they want to push the limits and cause a fuss. On cable TV if you do something that goes against the rules you could be slapped with a heft fine or even, in extreme cases, criminal charges. So why would Twitch sign up for this if it would serve only to limit their current creative freedom?


Covering Their Bases

The biggest draw for Twitch is the ability to reach a whole new audience. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a computer or device able to watch streamers. And some people are just wholly unaware of this medium. But Cable TV has been a basic commodity in most places for a while now.

If they branched out they would be able to bring more viewers into the fold, which is great for both the viewers and the streamers who would receive more views and subs.

Not to mention as more streaming platforms appear, looking to compete with Twitch, they will need to stay relevant and keep their numbers up. This could be seen as a gimmicky publicity stunt. But either way, if it manages to bring entertainment to people around the world and further expand this fantastic community, I welcome it with open arms.

What do you think? Would you watch Twitch TV if it was on actual TV? Or do you prefer to see your steamers through your laptop screen like everyone else?

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