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Lockdown Crafts: The Most Inventive Projects to Come out of the Pandemic

Lockdown Crafts: The Most Inventive Projects to Come out of the Pandemic

I think it’s safe to say that the last few months have been a mix of boredom and stress due to the fact that we have all been confined to our homes with little to no news as to when the situation is going to improve. That being said many have relished in the opportunity to make the most out of the predicament and spend time with their loved ones doing new things, home crafts have seen a huge increase in popularity over social media with many people turning trash into treasure making new pieces for their homes. Below are some great examples of affordable craft projects that you can do with your family to help pass the time, and spice up the home seeing as we are going to be spending a significant amount of time in it.


Bottle Vases

Recycling your plastic bottles is great as it helps to p[reserve the world we are living in, however instead of just throwing your bottles away you could very easily turn one into a lovely vase. This would make a great gift or as a way of brightening up your home, and it’s very easy and affordable to do. The only things required for this craft project are a bottle of your chosen size, paints, or spray paint in your chosen color, PVA glue, and any decorative bits you have lying around the house. Depending on the type of bottle you are using you should cut the top into the shape you wish your top vase to be. Once you have done this apply a few layers of paint and top with a layer of glue once dry to seal the color, Leave to dry overnight and then you can start adding your decoration and add a personal touch, this craft is easy to do and is one of the besten geschenke für mädchen unter 5 euro.


Candle Holders

Candles are great for creating a homely atmosphere, especially in the colder evenings so why not add a personal touch to your home and create your own candle holder with a glass jar. You will want to use a material that can withstand heat when doing this craft but other than that anything goes. This is an opportunity to unleash your creative side and create something lovely for your loved ones. Simply take a cleaned out jar or container and add your own decorations to suit the style of your house, things like shells, stones, and crystals would be great as when the candle is lit the shapes are going to make the whole thing stand out. If you are using a jam jar you could decorate with nail polish or permanent markers that are going to give a stained glass window effect.


Ornaments / Picture Frames

In these uncertain times there is nothing more important than family, so why not display your affection for your loved ones by adding a personal touch to your home photos and frames. The beauty of this craft project is the fact that you are likely to have photo frames in your house that are in need of some extra details. Using any decorative bits you have in your house already simply superglue the pieces around the picture, don’t be afraid of getting messy with this as the rustic designs are much nicer in my opinion. Ensure that everything is glued down properly and you could even add some color with paints if you wanted to add something extra. Once you have finished you will be left with a beautifully creative piece displaying your favorite memories

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