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Love Home-Improvement? Here are 4 Similar Shows you’ll Adore

Love Home-Improvement? Here are 4 Similar Shows you’ll Adore

For some strange reason, humans seem to love shows based on home makeovers. The majority of us can spend hours on end watching a team of decorators completely transform a home into an entirely new space. For that reason, the shoe Home-Improvement has continued to be one of the most-watched shows in America for years now, due to its explosive episodes and astounding transformations.  


Due to just how successful home improvement has been for all of these years, there have been many shows that have attempted to imitate the theme of the show. Many of these shows don’t quite live up to the standard that has been put in place by Home-Improvement, but there are some gems out there depending on what you look for in a show like this.  Of course, with thousands of shows like this existing, it can be difficult to know which shows you should actually invest your time into. Well, we have done all of the work and picked out shows that are similar to Home Improvement that you are bound to love, and here they are.  


60 Minute Makeover  

If you are someone that loves makeover shows and fast pace competition, then you will love 60-minute makeover. This show consists of a team of people attempting to fully decorate a home within only 60 minutes.  The challenge of the show is what makes it so exciting, as with every episode you are certain that they are going to be unable to complete the task ahead, yet they always manage to do it with excellent results.  


Extreme Makeover 


Extreme makeovers can be considered to be one of the biggest home makeovers shows in the world. This TV show has been on the air for almost two decades and within this time they have helped hundreds of families gain the home of their dreams. This show has plenty of ups and downs which is what has kept viewers tuning in for all of these years. The show is also so popular because it enlists the help of local tradesmen and volunteers. In fact,  the show has recently employed Ridgefield roofing contractors from Roofer in ct to help with a big project that they did within Ridgefield and will continue to get local help from whatever state or city they visit. 



Grand Designs  

If you are someone that is looking for a very extreme makeover show, then look no further.  This show not only completely reinvents the way a home looks, but also makes it far more glamorous. The focus of Grand Designs is taking your standard home and modernizing it with beautiful details and pricey furniture. These makeovers don’t just consist of a repaint or the addition of throw pillows, Grand Designs completely remodel the home of their participants and make them unrecognizable in comparison to their previous appearances.  So if you love glamour as well as home improvement, you must check this show out. 


Masters of flip  

This TV show follows a couple that adores home redesign creating the vision of deserving participants. This home makeover show has a twist as the family that they help has full involvement in the project. This means that there are no nasty surprises that the family won’t enjoy in the end and they will not be forced to live in someone else’s idea of an ideal home. This show is another show that has lots of heartwarming parts, as we get to know each and every participant personally and get to know exactly why they are in need of a home renovation and how this renovation can change their lives for the better. 


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