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Planning The Best Movie Night: What Do You Need?

Planning The Best Movie Night

Planning The Best Movie Night: What Do You Need?

Now that Christmas has passed, it feels as though we have absolutely no reason at all to go outside. In December you could visit Christmas markets and go to the ice rink, but now that the festivities are over, all that there is to see outside is frosty grass and wet pavements.

This means that the idea of going outside may feel like the last thing that a lot of you want to do, so cozy nights seem like a much better activity. Though you may enjoy staying in during the poor weather, it can be easy to get bored when you feel like you aren’t doing very much.

To stop yourself from falling into the winter rut, you have to keep your routine packed with fun activities and what is more fun than a night in watching a movie?

No matter how old you are, everybody loves a movie night where you get to relax on the sofa. If you are someone that has children, then a movie night is particularly exciting, as your children light up at the idea of their very own at-home cinema experience.

If you have never really done a movie night with your child, you may want to make your first really exciting. Here are some tips on planning the best movie night.

Make Comfort Your Priority

When you are watching a movie you can expect to be sat down for upwards of two hours and so it is essential that you are as comfortable as possible.

Not everyone has comfortable sofas, as some people choose style over comfort, which is understandable for people that don’t spend a lot of time sitting at home.

If this is the case, the best thing that you can do is try and make it as comfortable as you possibly can. Bring down all of the pillows from upstairs and bring plenty of blankets. I know exactly how hard it can be to get children to settle, so be sure to bring down comforting items that you know will encourage them to stay put for a couple of hours. Last year, I bought my own daughter a to my daughter blanket from a place called EzCustom gifts and since then she has been unable to sleep without it, so see if your children have any similar attachments to blankets or pillows that they use, as this will ensure that they remain comfortable throughout the film.


Are you really having a movie night if you are not sitting back to enjoy an unhealthy amount of snacks? Snacks are an essential part of every movie night and so you have to make sure that you get plenty in.

If you are a parent that is conscious about your child eating unhealthy food items, I recommend that you let them get away with it for just one night, as it won’t do them any harm to let loose once or twice.

If you are having an at-home cinema night, popcorn is a must and you can buy plenty of microwave popcorn packs for cheap. You will also be glad to know that popcorn is not considered to be too much of an unhealthy snack, so if you don’t go overboard on sugar, your child should be perfectly fine.


As well as having a bunch of snacks available, it is traditional to buy a big takeaway whenever you host a movie night. This will be a real treat for the family and will make the night all the more special. Ask your family which takeaway they want and they will be in a great mood for the rest of the evening.

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