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The 6 Biggest Gaming Icons That Defined a Generation

The 6 Biggest Gaming Icons That Defined a Generation

Gaming, in general, is a hobby and leisure activity that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, with new processes being released every day to help customize and improve a player’s gaming experience and help retain their interest. Some games benefit from sticking to a simple concept and others require regular updates to encourage players to keep playing the game, the great thing about this is the fact that you have the option to play your favorite games how you want to if you find a certain part of the game boring you can switch up the game mode to suit your playing style. An example of this is in the card action game AFK Arena where redemption codes can be used in exchange for in-game currency to help you progress in the game at your desired pace. If you are interested you can find more codes on


I think it’s safe to say that the gaming industry is one that undergoes very regular change, from what games are trending to the newest releases to enter the market, although there are constantly new games being created there are a few games and characters which have stood the test of time in terms of remaining relevant and popular. Classic gaming characters have the stopping power to retain their fans as there is something nostalgic about playing the older games with some families even sharing the games with their kids to show them what they enjoyed when they were children.


Mario and Luigi

These classic Nintendo characters have been around for some time, with their simple arcade-style games where the two brothers are usually tasked with rescuing Princess Peach from villain Bowser. Mario brothers games have provided hours of fun to so many children as they progressed from console to console, the games are still around to this day and can be played in super high-quality graphics and even better levels for all of the family to enjoy.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is another classic game this time coming from the Sega franchise, Sonic has been a very fun game ever since its introduction to the Sega Mega Drive all of those years ago. Sonic like Mario is a character playable in a fun arcade-style game where Sonic must make his way through a world whilst collecting golden rings, the fact that this game is still available to play on all modern-day consoles just shows how much fun there is to be had.



Even those who are not regular video game players will be aware of and will have played this game at some point in their lives, Pacman is the ultimate time killer which has definitely stood the test of time. Pacman as a character has not always remained in the world of gaming with many films depicting this yellow cherry eating alien within their stories. Pacman is very easily accessible and has definitely come a long way from being just your classic arcade game.


Lara Croft

Lara Croft is often very underrated and yet she is another example of a character that has graced both the video game and the film world with their presence. This game is actually very old and some of the newer players don’t realize how far back this game goes. The original Lara Croft games were available on the first Xbox model, the graphics were very high quality for the times, and the success of the game just shows how interesting this exploration action-packed game really was.



Another classic from Nintendo would have to be the character of Link, his game The Legend of Zelda is up there with some of Nintendo’s best work. The Zelda games are classic along with other favorites like Mario and Luigi. We have seen the character of Link grow in terms of gameplay, graphics quality, and story in a  very dramatic way. Year after year the Zelda games have only undergone more and more improvement. The game is very easy to follow and can offer up hours of fun for all ages in this medieval fantasy quest.


Master Chief

The final character in this list is none other than the Master Chief, originating from the Halo Reach franchise this game character is truly revolutionary as one of the most high-quality first-person shooter action games ever made. Action games are very popular even to this day so imagine the reaction to the release of a high-quality action-packed game within a science fiction style of gameplay. This game has it all – frightening planets, gruesome aliens, and some very well designed vehicles and weapons to help you defend yourself. The Master Chief is a highly recognizable character who has definitely stood the test of time in terms of remaining popular.

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