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The Greatest Action Sporting Legends In History

The Greatest Action Sporting Legends In History

David Beckham

One of the biggest sporting legends in the world of football would have to be David Beckham, not only because of his work as an amazing football player but also because of the fact that he is so charitable. He not only donates and works with many established charities all for great causes but he and his wife Victoria have also founded their own charitable trust which has led to David’s appointment as UNICEF ambassador. David started his football career in his early twenties and made his way up through many teams and even up to the premier league. David is notably one of the best football players out there and his performance throughout the years has never faltered however, his stardom arguably came about when he left the footballing world and started to build his empire as one of the most charitable sports stars to ever grace this world.


Tom Daley

Another sporting legend from a totally different background is Olympic diver Tom Daley, his career skyrocketed after his first diving appearance in the Olympics where he went on to win two gold and a bronze medal over his Olympic career. Tom’s love of diving started at a young age and after years of professional training throughout his childhood he went on to become one of the most prestigious synchronized divers in the country. After Tom gave up his Olympic career and decided to move on to other things his popularity only grew, he has worked on many events and tv shows all over the world including a lot of charity work with Children in Need and Sport Relief to raise money for unfortunate children in other countries. It is nice to see someone who has achieved so much in their life taking the time to help others and meet his fans all over the world, his compassion for others is why he is worthy of a position on this list as one of the greatest sporting legends.


Kai Saunders

A sporting legend from a whole other sports industry that has to go down as one of the greatest action sporting legends is Kai Saunders, Saunders is known for being a professional scooter rider, and his high-performance level and the fact that he makes such difficult tricks look easy to make him one of the best in the industry. Kai is worthy of a position on this list not only for his skills as a scooter rider but also down to the fact that he truly cares about his fans and those who follow him on his career journey. Kai has been seen in many different situations going above and beyond for fans he meets in the outside world, he always stops where he can to meet fans and make their day by posing for a picture.


With his success as a rider, he is not short of money or popularity so it is great to see someone being so humble. Kai is also a very encouraging mentor and is known for following the mantra of being able to do anything if you put your mind to it, so if you are in the market for a new scooter in the hopes of being able to follow in Saunders footsteps and look at the reviews of these electric scooters under $500 and you will be jumping on the ramps in no time.


Usain Bolt

The final sporting legend on this list is none other than Usain Bolt his work as an Olympic athlete is comparable to nobody and he currently holds the world record for the one hundred and two hundred meter sprint in the fastest times. It is not just the fact that he is such a commendable sprinter but the fact that he spends so much of his free time now that he is no longer an Olympic athlete helping others around the world. Bolt has taken part in many motivational speeches and events driven towards helping people figure out what they want to do and to provide the motivation to work on a better life. Usain Bolt is also a big figurehead in Kenya’s wildlife conservation project showing that he is much more than just a sporting legend and that his passion is something he carries over to the real world.

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