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The Most Beautiful Theatres Ever Constructed

The Most Beautiful Theatres Ever Constructed

Theatres are some of the oldest buildings, ever since people have been writing stories, people have gathered to tell or perform these stories in theatres. The design of the theatre has changed a lot over the years, the original theatres were inspired by amphitheaters that were used by the Greeks and Romans and have developed into all the various designs we have today. Designing a theatre is one of the hardest things for an architect to design and there is a lot more planning that goes into theatres than any other building. The design of theatres has changed so much over the years that there is no longer a standard design and instead theatres come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re designing a theatre there is much to take into account, you’ll have to know the difference between concrete and cement and which would look better, make sure that it’s big enough for the audience to be comfortable and decide on the type of stage, the most popular being the thrust stage. Over the years some stunning theatres have been designed and constructed and we’ve rounded up all the most beautiful ones. 

Minack Theatre

Minack Theatre is located in Cornwall, which is a town in the South of England. If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom, then this would be a great destination as it has some of the most beautiful beaches and this amazing theatre. It’s an open-air theatre and a very unique one as it is built into some granite cliffs and also overlooks the amazing Porthcurno Bay. This theatre looks like it would have been around for a long time but surprisingly it was only built 80 years ago.  

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden is in Toronto which is the capital of Canada. This is a special theatre as it is part of the world’s last ever double theatre. Before this theatre was constructed there was already a theatre in this location in Canada, the Elgin Theatre. The Winter Garden was constructed in 1913 and it was seven stories above the Elgin. The Winter Garden is a stunning theatre, its interior is filled with gold and marble and has a low ceiling giving it a comfortable feeling. The theatre is still largely used today, in the last few years it has been hosted The Toronto International Film Festival and NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien.  

Odeon Of Herodes

The Odeon of Herodes is in Athens which is the capital of Greece. This is a city that is filled with history and is home to many things that are still standing from thousands of years ago. This means it’s probably no surprise that this theatre is one of the oldest theatres that is still standing. Construction on this theatre was completed in 147 AD and is situated very near to the famous Acropolis. It isn’t often used for performances as the authorities want to preserve it but it does still host the Festival of Athens which is filled with theatre, music, and dance. 

Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theatre is in Florida and is one of the cutest theatres in the world. It was designed by John Eberson and construction was finished in 1926. The interior design was heavily influenced by a Mediterranean courtyard and other Mediterranean landscapes. These generally involve relaxing items of furniture and lots of plants, in particular olive trees, pine nut trees, and oak. To make this theatre even cuter, as well as the amazing plants there are 99 lanterns on the ceiling which appear like stars making it a great theatre for a date. 

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