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The Wig Revolution is Happening and We are Living for it!

The Wig Revolution is Happening and We are Living for it!

Gone are the days of boring and bland hair. We as a society are no longer held under the constraints of forced hair professionalism and are able to express ourselves truly through fun styles and crazy colors. You could dye your own hair, which would probably include a long line of bleaching and expensive colorings which may damage your hair, or you could get a wig.


Wigs are much more than what they used to be. They aren’t just for people struggling with hair loss or other medical issues. These days, wig manufacturers are producing fantastic quality wigs that don’t cost an arm and a leg, which means they are way more accessible to the general public.


Having fun with your hair

As previously stated, people are no longer just wearing wigs as a solution for medical issues. Due to the freedom that we all have with how we dress and how we style ourselves, people are simply purchasing wigs to wear for fun. Who doesn’t love spicing up their wardrobe? Well,  cool wigs are the new popular accessory. You can get just about any style or color when it comes to wigs, and if you don’t find one that matches what you’re looking for, you have the freedom to style and dye a wig yourself. This is especially fantastic for any of you out there that have been considering getting a risky haircut and color. Instead of spending a bucket full of money to potentially damage your hair and not even like the results, you can just style a wig and try it out for yourself. If you aren’t happy with the results, there have been absolutely no losses as you can simply remove the wig and carry on with your day.


Braving the shave

An amazing trend that has been growing in popularity over the last few years is braving the shave. Braving the shave basically consists of people shaving their heads as a way to raise money for those suffering from breast cancer. It is a fantastic cause and a reason that people have been far more inclined to take part is due to the accessibility of wigs in our current age. Due to how realistic most wigs on the market look right now, people are having no problem shaving their own hair and alternatively wearing a wig. Not only this but thanks to how good so many wigs look, people are taking the opportunity to shave off their damaged hair and start afresh.


The colored revolution

If any of you out there are colored, you will be more than aware of how annoying it had previously been to access wigs that match the textures and quality of afro hair. Wigs of the past had barely surpassed the quality of costume hair, which is a problem if you are someone that wants to embrace your roots (pun intended) and wear hair that really represents your ethnicity. These days, a lot of wig brands have become much more inclusive of people of color and so have started to stock wigs that can fit a large variety of people, a good example of this would be the wigs at newigstyle, as they offer an inclusive range that could easily cater to someone of any ethnicity and hair type.


No matter your reason for wanting to try wigs, there is no doubt that you will have an exceptional variety available to you from a number of sources. You could look online and find an excellent wig at an exceptional price and have it at your home tomorrow, so why not try it?

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