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Why Has Fantasy Football Suddenly Become so Popular?

Why Has Fantasy Football Suddenly Become so Popular?

Fantasy football has been popular if relatively underground, pastime for thousands of people around the globe for many years. It allows sports fans to feel that step closer to the game and teams they love as it gives them an extra incentive to pay close attention to all aspects of the game while a season is on. It is also a great social aspect of sports as it is often played amongst a group of people who will form their own league based around the sport they are playing and often based around actual leagues in those sports. This can bring the extra level to a game that a lot of people crave as it makes you feel almost like you are managing your own team.

As exciting as this all is, fantasy football has usually been designated as a nerdy aspect of sports fandom and has never really entered the mainstream. That is, until recently. This year especially, many more people have been picking up the hobby along with the new and very different 2020/2021 football season, and it might be more obvious as to why than you might think.


The Rise of Technology

Over the last few years, technology, in general, has taken huge steps in its utility, pricing, and popularity with the masses. This has led to millions of people’s lives being changed as they integrate technology into their daily routine to help keep people connected and generally make their daily schedules more efficient. This has helped fantasy footballers a huge amount.

For a start, there are now dozens of apps that will let you organize and keep track of your fantasy football team and even let you create leagues with other app users whether you know them in real life or not! This takes away one of the most annoying parts of organizing a fantasy league and often even integrates it with live score and transfer changes as they affect the players’ teams.

To take these apps to the next level, some have even started to post times and links to game streams and provide users with a daily updated football live streaming schedule, allowing players to watch any relevant games along with their fantasy footballing.


Video Games

Beyond just utility, technology has also raised people’s interest in participating in activities around the sport. Video game releases such as Fifa and Football Manager becoming exponentially more popular by the year has gotten millions of people into the kind of mindset needed to run a fantasy football team, and getting good at those games gives you the skills required to make the right decisions on team composition and generally grants a better understanding of the game on and off the pitch.



The recent aspect that has affected hundreds of industries both positively and negatively is the ongoing 2020 pandemic. Sports, in general, were essentially canceled before the end of the season in 2020, and ever since then when sports have started up again, they are not the same as people remember.

Most sports allow limited (if any) spectators for matches now, with British football replacing the ever-important atmosphere of the crowd with the dynamic system used by EA’s Fifa series. This, combined with the unprecedented amount of time people were made to stay at home, has meant that the desire to be a part of the game is more intense than ever before, but at a time where it is difficult to actually participate.

This is where fantasy football, especially in its modern form has stepped in. It has allowed fans to still try and get the most out of their support of the game while staying safe by letting them get the extra level of community and excitement they would traditionally have by going to matches and being a part of the game in an easy to use and extremely enjoyable way.

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